Alcatel One Touch Watch, Beautiful Smartwatch Exodus Alcatel

Alcatel is a hardware company that has a center in France. Although the name is less echoed in Indonesia but its existence in the world is not in doubt. Alcatel recently released a new gadget called Alcatel OneTouch Watch. 

This device is the device smartwatch which was first created by Alcatel. Device smartwatch is a useful device to carry out the process of the application related to computing. Only by using this device, you can get updated news. Additionally the device can be connected to your phone so it can help you to get notifications from your phone.

Alcatel One Touch Watch, Beautiful Smartwatch Exodus Alcatel 

Public feedback on the Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel OneTouch Watch smartwatch which is the first device made by Alcatel, it will affect the performance and also an overall view of this device. Alcatel OneTouch Watch name itself does not display the impression of luxury and too expensive so not much increase the curiosity of consumers. It is also influenced by other smartwatch launch of Apple and others. But the Alcatel does not necessarily pessimistic about the new products and successful product meluncukan Alcatel OneTouch Watch.

Display and the price of Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel OneTouch Watch has a shape very similar to the clock in general, has a spherical shape and has a clock that strap is sturdy and fairly large. Alcatel OneTouch Watch is priced at $ 150 which is the equivalent of 2 million to 2.1 million.

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Reasonably priced and afforanble for setipe smartwatch device. Has a shape similar to the original watches, but smartwatch launched by Alcatel has a shape that is very similar to the Moto 360 smartwatch that have been launched earlier.

The advantages of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel OneTouch Watch is one of the smartwatch that can be associated with mobiles phones that have iOS and Android OS. Smartwatch has a battery that is durable enough to be used. In addition to the durable battery Alcatel OneTouch Watch powered by charging with USB Charging in strapnya so you will not need an additional cable when it will fill ulng battery. Another plus, Alcatel OneTouch Watch has a price that is quite economical when compared with other smartwatch.

Disadvantages device Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel OneTouch Watch has a strong arm strap and sturdy, though good, but it can be difficult using for making this smart clock becomes less comfortable to wear. Other deficiencies arise from the connectivity of this smart watch. Besides smart watch is unlikely to be developed or have the possibility to gain access to other applications or other bleak game play.

The overall impression of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel smart clock output is to have the impression like rush rush launched by the developer. Even the developers seem less preparation and less experience in the construction of this clever clock. Even so the purpose of the developer to create a smart watch that has a shape and attractive display and also has an affordable price can be practically right on target.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch in Indonesia

Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Alcatel OneTouch Watch now scheduled to be released in Indonesia in 2015, but not clear when will do Commencing official. Clearly Indonesia is one market that is fortunate because even the marketing of Alcatel OneTouch Watch has not dilaukan widely. Alcatel parties themselves do not have high expectations with product sales Alcatel OneTouch Watch in Indonesia. 

This is because in Indonesia itself has not been many people who have interest to use some sort of smart-hour Alcatel OneTouch Watch. But the Alcatel optimistic market hours this smart will be developed in Indonesia at 2 to 3 years and Alcatel OneTouch Watch will be one of the most desirable because of its affordable price and is also compatible with most popular OS in Indonesia today are iOS and Android .         

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