Apple Reveals iPhone 6s Causes A Sudden Death

Some time ago, a number of iPhone users complained 6s there is a problem on their devices. They reported iPhone 6s his sudden death, although the condition of the battery is still quite a lot.At that time, Apple immediately promised to immediately conduct an investigation into the matter. In addition, the company also ensures there will be no case of the device explodes as it did on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Now, Apple has found the cause of the problem and released it to the public. According to the Cupertino-based company, most problematic batteries are batteries manufactured in September and October 2015.

A number of batteries it turned out to have too many components that are exposed to the air. So, before it is merged into a battery ready for use, there are components that are exposed to the air longer than it should.

"As a result, the power number of the battery was reduced more rapidly than a normal battery and cause the iPhone to die suddenly. But it is important to keep in mind, there is no security problem in this regard," said the representative of Apple as quoted by The Register.

Problems on iPhone 6s is indeed just happened in the last few weeks. Previously, a number of iPhone users 6s in China also reported no problems on his device's battery.Some users said that the iPhone 6s his sudden death. In fact, the battery indicator shows a number of devices are still 50 percent or more.

As a follow-up to this problem, Apple offers a replacement of problematic components free of charge. 6s enough iPhone users visiting the Apple support site to ensure the device's serial number. After checking, Apple promised to immediately perform the replacement.

However, Apple also warned iPhone sudden death does not necessarily mean there is a defect in the device. The airline called the iPhone is designed to shut down automatically in certain conditions, such as extremely cold temperatures.


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