Asus Zenfone Recent Using Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset

Asus Zenfone Recent Using Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset

Asus CEO recently reiterated that the new smartphone Zenfone 3 will arrive in June 2016. While this is indeed so many rumors that Asus will only use Qualcomm's chipset series Zenfone 3.

Asus has now been confirmed that the latest device will not use processors made by Intel as the Zenfone previous versions, but the reason behind this decision is not known for sure seacara.

Asus has always been a part of one of the official partners of Intel and Intel have been using for years for its flagship smartphone and other products.

During confirmation, Asus CEO Jerry Shen has also been revealed that about 90% of the lineup will be equipped with a Qualcomm chipset then the remaining 10% will use Mediatek.

This clearly shows that Asus is likely to terminate the partnership with Intel for smartphone products. The increasing demand for devices that use Qualcomm will continue to force producers to follow the current smartphone market.

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon chipset which is one of the 820 best processor for this time and has successfully mempenagruhi many smartphone manufacturers to try their luck.As we have seen many large companies today most have launched their smartphone is powered by Qualcomm processor.

It could also mean that the latest Asus-made smartphone that uses Qualcomm chipset price will be a little bit more expensive than before.

Then Asus smartphones that use MediaTek chipset will be priced at an affordable price, given the lower price MediaTek chipset from Qualcomm.

Asus now has a large number of users who prefer a device with a Qualcomm processor support. Asus will begin to shift to a competitive market and is expected to add a success for the company.