Avoid Charge iPhone Wear 'Cas-Casan' False

Apple original charger is priced quite expensive. Cables and chargers could be sold at around Rp 400,000 to Rp 500,000.
Many people who responded by buying a fake charger is priced much cheaper.
But, you know, charger which one it turned out to be dangerous and potentially damaging your iPhone?
To prove it, an independent company UL Laboratory conducted a series of safety tests on various chargerpalsu sold in the online store.
Sample testing by flowing electricity in high voltage to see resistance, flow, and possible failure of the current isolation.
As reported from BGR, Saturday (03/12/2016), the test results it was really bad.
Of the 400 fake charger tested, 397 of them failed to meet the security testing procedures.
"The failure rate average is very high, exceeding 99 percent. Of the 400 units that were tested, only three who managed to pass the test of basic security and protection from electric shock. While 12 units were designed so badly that potentially electrocute the user, "written in UL Laboratory research report.
This does not mean 99 percent of the fake charger use will electrocute users.
But because it does not have the correct security mechanism, the fake charger can not resist the power surge that occurs suddenly and can cause the phone to damaged or burned.

Therefore, it is advisable to use the original charger. Because the fake charger, based on the results of the study, did not have a good level of security.
Actually, can use the charger outside fib Apple
Just a note, you do not have to use Apple's original charger to keep it secure.
Apple itself provides another option to the user, ie the accessories of other manufacturers that have official certification.
Well, this charger is usually created under the guidance of the program "Made for iPhone".
The charger manufacturers also pay a license fee, in exchange for permission to use the Lightning connector and Apple's various circuits.
Price accessory or certified charger is indeed quite expensive, but its performance is certainly similar to the original version.
Typically, accessory or charger that has been certified have the logo "Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad" on the packaging. Only one thing is not licensed by Apple, the USB-C cable to Lightning.
When a user wants to search for the head charger for Apple devices, the most important thing to note is UL or CE marker attached to it.
Both of these markers indicate the charger's head already passed the test of legal security and, by the standards of UL Laboratory as well as the legality of the EU standards.
Also, make sure to buy from a trusted store, an electric current output is actually 2.1 Ampere, and has no strange writings.


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