Cheap and Luxury Units On Asus ZenWatch 2

Asus also present to enliven the products of smart watches. Previously, competitors have issued various types of smart watches. ZenWatch 2 is the name chosen Asus to market smart watches his work. Like the output products Asus, Asus ZenWatch 2 is also priced at an affordable price. Although it can be considered a bargain compared to similar products from other manufacturers, Asus ZenWatch 2 smart watches are not cheap.

Cheap and Luxury Units On Asus ZenWatch 2

Asus ZenWatch 2

The cheap price is one of the hallmarks Asus to captivate audiences. You might consider buying smart watches made by Asus. Low prices offered Asus is certainly not arbitrary because ZenWatch 2 has also been designed with features that is luxurious. Asus does not present a product smart watches cheaper origin because if it is not supported by the mesmerizing features of course people will not be dazzled.

Demi highlight the luxury of these smart watches, Asus has designed ZenWatch 2 in such a way. If you have limited funds and wanted to try wearing smart watches, ZenWatch 2 may be the right choice. You can enjoy all the attractive features that have been embedded Asus to ZenWatch 2. Essentially, you can be amazed by the product smart watches this one.

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Like the smart watches, ZenWatch 2 has excellent features that allow its users. You can access Google Maps via ZenWatch 2 so that the journey is also becoming fluent. You do not have to get lost when you're driving because ZenWatch 2 will help direct you.  

Because of its tiny like watches, you will not have difficulty in operating it. You were riding a motorcycle does not have to trouble accessing Google Maps because you only need to check it like when looking at his watch.

Easy access to Google Maps is just one of the many features offered by ZenWatch 2. Various other applications you can access on smart watches made by Asus. One of them is the notification of every incoming e-mail. ZenWatch 2 also have applications in the conversation where you can stay in touch with colleagues and family without interruption.

With a screen between 1.45 to 1.63 inches, you can send messages to relatives so that communication is still running. If the difficulties in replying to a message, you can choose the emoji provided by ZenWatch 2. In addition, you can choose to reply to messages with voice.
This feature Asus presented so that users can continue to communicate with loved ones.

Asus also presents a choice of sizes ZenWatch 2 that you can select. Both sizes are presenting a different impression in terms of appearance. If you like wearing a watch is large, it can choose ZenWatch 2 with a size of 49.6 x 40.7MM. 

In this ZenWatch large size, the screen was 1.63 inches. The screen is also equipped with AMOLED 320 × 320. ZenWatch size 2 will make its users more easily in reading e-mail and other notifications.However, if you like to watch model is not too big, ZenWatch 2 with a small size can be an option. In contrast to the previous size, ZenWatch 2 has a 1.45 inch screen with 280 × 280 AMOLED. 
 ZenWatch 2 has a small type size 45.2 x 37.2 MM. The next difference lies in the capacity of a battery in which ZenWatch 2 large capacity of 400 mAh whereas only a small type of 300 mAh.Despite having differences in battery capacity, ZenWatch 2 itself can be used in the long term. With normal use, the battery ZenWatch 2 only needs to be refilled once in two days. This condition must be increasingly makes it easy to operate the smart watches it because it does not need to be frequently recharged.

ZenWatch 2 can also access the wifi and bluetooth as smart watches in general. Of all these advantages, you would agree that ZenWatch 2 is not a product that is cheap. Price set by Asus for ZenWatch 2 itself ranges from 129 dollars. Price is certainly far below its competitors. In terms of affordable prices with superior features also, ZenWatch ready to take the hearts of people in the homeland.

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