Discover Vendor Assemblers, Laptop Xiaomi Ready to Launch Next Year

As a new player in the field of technology, were quite successful Xiaomi smartphone market products. Gradually the Chinese smartphone manufacturer have entered into the top ranks of large companies in the world. Because of this success, many rumors tell that Laptop Xiaomi is currently being made and so their new business.

Discover Vendor Assemblers, Laptop Xiaomi Ready to Launch Next Year


The rumors proved to be true and the latest kabr Xiaomi has established a partnership with the vendors laptop assemblers in Taiwan. From the number of media in China, Inventec Corp.

 Xiaomi has bottomed so counterparty to a new market. Richard Lee, Inventec officials said it is optimistic about Xiaomi laptop. He said the laptop has a great chance of success in the smartphone market because it already has more than 200 million users.

For its marketing strategy, Lee said the most likely Xiaomi will apply the same unique way as the smartphone products. But how are certainly different from the other laptop vendors, which already exists and has a big name in the world.

"Personally I do not know for sure, and less confident with the strategy Xiaomi laptop market," said Lee. "But he always had the habit of unique and often steals the attention to make us believe. Moreover saw smartphone sales success. "

In the assembly, laptop Xiaomi will be worked by a subsidiary, Inventec Appliance Corp. The Xiaomi Partner will also be responsible for the overall product design. Laptop itself is planned to be released in early or mid-2016. But unfortunately until now no official statement related to the specification and appeal of artificial Xiaomi portable computer.

Rumor Laptop Xiaomi Already Make furor Since End of 2014

The news about the Xiaomi plans to make laptops actually been widely heard since the end of 2014. However, it was denied by the Xiaomi. Then rumors rolling by providing new information that Xiaomi laptop it there and will be scheduled for release next year. The laptop is designed to compete with Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo ThinkPad.

In order to achieve that, Xiaomi is rumored to be a partnership with Samsung to supply chips and laptop screens. But until now, both parties Xiaomi and Samsung declined to comment and statements related to news of their cooperation.

According to the news, Xiaomi laptop will be equipped with an Intel Haswell i7-4500u with 16 GB RAM. For the screen size of 15 inches and a resolution of 1080p HD ful.

How, if you are interested in laptops made by this Xiaomi? For the curious it seems only to be patient waiting for the next statement of Xiaomi related specifications, prices and launch timetable. Most observers Xiaomi would still do the same way. Which offers a superior device at an affordable price. The presence of Xiaomi laptop is also predicted to be a lot of pressing upscale vendors such as Lenovo and Apple.


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