Electric Car Made Apple will be realized 2019

Apple missions to finish the electric car project or a pilot project named "Project Titan" is likely to materialize in the next few years, from the initial target is planned for completion in 2020, Apple shifted it to completion in 2019, or one year ahead

Electric Car Made Apple will be realized 2019

Electric Car Made Apple will be realized 2019

No half-hearted apple says not only technically completed later in 2019, but am ready to be marketed worldwide.

 To mewujudukan that the apple will involve as many as 1,800 workers of which was initially only 600 or increased to three-fold, involving automotive engineers from different states in America.

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If viewed as a global electric car project has become an ambitious project developed by a number of countries, including Indonesia which also has started a few years ago. It was all due to its environmentally friendly and is expected to replace the use of fuel oil dwindling in number.

Not Apple Inc.'s name if you do not show kedigdayaannya as the company is super great, According to a reliable source the apple has to pick up a lot of parties originating from the company's automotive manufacturing including tesla, Marcedes benz, ford and fyat chrysler in order to jointly realization of the project
Initial rumors that evolved from this project is the apple want a car that will be created without a driver or can work automatically, but this early stage will not be entirely without a driver because of technical constraints. 

Although the apple at the beginning of 2015 have been raised Megan McClain, a former Volkswagen AG engineers who specialize in designing and Vinay Palakkode automatic steering, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, who is also a research institute specialized in the field of automatic steering.

There are still a lot of it is the question about a project called "Code Name Titan" is, what is the motive behind this business? why Apple wanted to mewujudkanya while they are not automotive manufacturers? or do they just want to make automotive manufacturing companies, all remain unanswered because until now Apple spokesman also still shut and very little official information obtained.

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