Excellence Thinkpad Lenovo Ideapad Yoga & Yoga

Lenovo Thinkpad and Ideapad Yoga Yoga is present as an appropriate solution needs quality laptop. Various advantages can be felt, because of its specification and very sophisticated. So it helps the diverse needs, more efficiently. Anything that can be relied upon?

Excellence Thinkpad Lenovo Ideapad Yoga & Yoga 

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga & Ideapad Yoga 0

Excellence Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

There are various advantages that can be enjoyed, using laptop Lenovo made these.- Comes with 4 modes of usage. The device is extremely multifunctional, at least users can use it as a tablet, laptop, tent and stand. The whole system will work automatically, depending on the mode in use. Because these devices can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

- Convenient travel. It weighs only 1.58 kg and a thickness of 19 mm. Interests and slim dimensions of this, facilitate take anywhere.

- Keyboard high quality. Lenovo is very concerned about the sector. The keyboard is easy to use and designed removable, in accordance with the desired mode. Everything is designed to be comfortable as well when in the clutch.

- Power save extra spacious. These laptops rely on Windows 8.1 OS. While the hard drive is very reliable, with a capacity of 1 TB. Provided also application support, such as Lenovo Performance Booster, so its performance is increased up to five times more superior.

- Casing strong. Metal magnesium that are strong and durable, applied to the case. While the technology side of the screen to apply anti-stain and scratch resistant, with Corning Gorilla Glass.

- Hard Drive better protected. Features Active Protection System to protect the data well. When a collision occurs, the HDD will remain protected and the device will be locked automatically. These facilities rely air bag on its HDD.

- Facility Digitizer Pen. This gives the impression accessories and functionally different. When applying a fourth mode, the pen can be used to affix signatures, noted the report, and so on. You can write naturally, with the use of flexible.

- The touch screen is multitouch. The touch screen is very responsive, so that all activities is efficient and pleasant.

- Features instant resume. Sleep mode can be used, so it is convenient to start the activity at any time. The response was very quick, less than two seconds. While the current hibernate mode, it only takes no more than 7 seconds.

- The battery is long-lasting. This makes it convenient laptop users. Because the durability of the battery is very long. This device can be used continuously for 8 hours. While in standby time can live up to 30 days. By doing so, not having to frequently recharge the batteries.

Excellence Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Ultrabook with a 13.3-inch screen comes with a responsive touch screen technology. The design is very unique, because it can be folded up to 360 degrees. So you could use in a variety of modes, such as tablets, laptops, tent and stand. I5 and i7 processors dependable, so reliable data processing speed. Any advantage that can you feel?

- The minimalist design is attractive. Their simple design, it makes it more elegant.

- Performance unreliable. Not only look attractive, the device is also coupled with reliable performance. This is because the installation of high-speed processors, graphics cards capable and 4 GB RAM.

- Implement the multi-touch technology. IPS technology support on the screen, making the appearance is very clear and the colors are satisfactory. In addition, the screen is very responsive, when used up to 10 fingers.

- Embed a 128 GB SSD. Solid State Drive or SSD reliable with fast start-up speed, high temperature resistant, shockproof and saving electricity consumption.

- Features Lenovo OneKey Rescue. Given this system no longer afraid to lose important data. Because such systems, users load easily in the manufacture of backing up data. Including easier time of recovery of lost data.

Price Lenovo ThinkPad & IdeaPad Yoga Yoga 

Price Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga on the market from 15 million rupiah. While Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, priced 12.75 million. Prices may vary by region. 

Buying at online stores, can be one of the alternatives is easy to get. Make sure the online store is very reliable. In order to get quality and original product.


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