Reported Exploded, China Concerned About Security iPhone

iPhone Exploded

US technology giant Apple's iPhone accused a number of users in China who burst triggered by external damage. They also claim the phone does not pose a security problem.Following the phenomenon of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that explode or burn, Shanghai Consumer Council revealed on, the agency received eight reports in recent months that the iPhone users' burned during use or charging.

Apple says it already drawn a number of phones to be analyzed and perform tests on the mobile phone is having problems related to the temperature, but dismissed concerns about safety problems to the user.

"Mobile phones that we analyzed so far show the external physical kerusahakan occur on that phone that is causing problems on the temperature," according to Apple's statement, as reported by AFP.

"We put safety as a top priority and does not find a source of concern regarding this product."Apple also denied slow in responding after Shanghai Consumer Council urges the company to deal with consumer complaints. A Chinese woman claiming the iPhone 6S Plus hers exploded in August, so the screen ponser destroyed and the battery and the back of the phone blackened.

The board said the complaint against Apple soared six-fold in the past two months, including the iPhone 6 and 6S sudden death even though the battery still has power. *


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