Not Want Lost Galaxy S7, LG G6 Will Have Features Waterproof and Wireless Charging!

Galaxy S7

Competition among providers of smartphone vendors it will never stop. Especially coming from the same homeland, such as Samsung and LG. Maybe from the outside, their rivalry is not visible. But, if in terms of products, should not be asked.

Samsung itself is now far more superior than the LG. With the presence of the Galaxy S7, the number one vendor that can instantly master the world of smartphones today. But, because LG not to be outdone, LG will soon produce phones are not less than the Galaxy S7.

Not Want to Lose, LG G6 Will Have Features Waterproof and Wireless Charging


True, there was news that LG is currently working on the latest smartphone called LG G6. Yes, it will go into the next LG flagship phone line. But, it would be as good as any upcoming LG G6? Well, there is one interesting news nih to the successor of the LG G5.

I wonder what is true LG wants to compete with the Galaxy series products S7, but LG G6 he will be present in a design that is waterproof and can support wireless charging feature. Well, it means if it's not one of the LG want to try to beat the Samsung product? But, if LG G6 can be as cool as the S7? Share your opinion!


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