Galaxy S8 Would Armed Front Camera with Autofocus

Galaxy S8 Would Armed Front Camera with Autofocus-Smartphone with advanced front camera has become a necessity. Capture the moment with friends and family, do not complete it if you do not selfie. Last week, Vivo Vivo launched V5 with superior resolution of 20 MP front camera.

Answering this challenge Samsung finally working on a new smartphone with the advantage in front of the camera. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 is planned to be launched next year, will feature autofocus feature on the front of the camera. Would like what?

 Samsung Galaxy S8 with Autofocus feature on Front Camera

Galaxy S8 Would Armed Front Camera with Autofocus
Reporting from PhoneArena, the autofocus feature on the camera is still very rarely used in smartphones currently available. Most of the front camera smartphone still apply the system of fixed focus.

The latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 reportedly will implement the autofocus feature. The front camera will automatically find the focus to create a clearer picture. Not be fixed on the long arm of the user, the Galaxy front camera S8 will seek to focus any object distance.

Samsung did not officially explain the autofocus feature which will be pinned on the front camera Galaxy S8. In one of the interview, Samsung refused to discuss this information until the product is officially released Galaxy S8.

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 will sell for US $ 850 (approximately USD 11.3 million). Galaxy will be launched at the event Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona. With a variety of advanced features, do you look forward to welcoming Galaxy S8? Write down your opinion in the comments Friends.