Sophisticated, Galaxy S8 Will Grow 6GB RAM!

Samsung has become one of the brand and the world's leading companies. This is because Samsung always create innovative products that can make users melting, including the division gadget.

Product gadgets that will adorn the next Samsung flagship smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S8. In fact, the recently re-heard the news that would be implanted S8 advanced specifications friend.

Sophisticated, Galaxy S8 Will Grow 6GB RAM!

True, there were rumors that the Galaxy S8 will have a fancy memory specifications, with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. In this way, guaranteed to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 be the best upcoming flagship smartphone.

In addition, if S8 is also reportedly going to embed features dual camera, fingerprint sensor that is placed under the screen, and there was definitely a slice scanner. According to you, what a fair price for the Samsung Galaxy membanderol S8?