Google Pixel Can Hacked in 60 Seconds

Earlier this month, Google's Android security director, Adrian Ludwig, said that the motherboard used in the Google smartphone Pixel have security like Apple products.

Claimed to have a high level of security can not be hacked, it turns out Google smartphone Pixel can be easily hacked by a hacker group on this one.

White Hat Hackers group of Chinese managed to hack Google Pixel within 60 seconds in a hacking competition "PwnFest" held at Seoul, South Korea.

Google Pixel Can Hacked in 60 Seconds

Google Pixel
Hacker groups that work on Qihoo 360, a security company, won a prize of US $ 120,000 or approximately 1.6 billion after a successful hack of Google smartphone Pixel.

The hacker group demonstrated an exploit that could be used in the Android smartphone. Once installed, they can easily control it remotely to access your personal information, messages, telephone calls, contacts and photos.

Can be hacked with its Google Pixel, Google reportedly is to patch the vulnerability in order to avoid other things that impact on the security of Google users Pixel.


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