Great! Researchers Discover How Olah Nuclear Waste So Long Lasting Battery

Maybe you've heard of generating electricity using nuclear power. But it never occurred not by you, where the nuclear waste was dumped? You know how dangerous nuclear waste and very risky for the environment.

More recently, researchers have found a way to process nuclear waste into an energy source that is safe and useful. With the help of artificial diamonds, nuclear waste is able to be converted into a battery which has a super long durability. Do not believe?

Nuclear Waste Changed So Long Lasting Battery

Great! Researchers Discover How Olah Nuclear Waste So Long Lasting Battery
Reporting from Popular Mechanics, researchers from the University of Bristol have developed a new way of treating waste from nuclear power plants. With the help of artificial diamonds, the processed battery is able to create electrical power has super long durability. Even up to 50% power remaining took 5730 years!

Nuclear reactors will produce heat from radioactive uranium rods. Uranium rods placed on a graphite block to control the flow of heat and nuclear reactions. After years of absorbing nuclear radiation, graphite block is also a highly radioactive. This is what becomes waste and must be disposed of.

Although it has a long durability, but the battery only has a very small electric current. In the future, nuclear diamond battery will be used on spacecraft, pacemakers, and other devices that need batteries with long endurance.

Unfortunately, the battery is not capable of being used to power the smartphone because of a small electric current. Do not worry, now there really a smartphone which has a battery life long enough. How the latest technology? Write your opinion in the comments.