Hacker Attack in San Francisco Train System Similar Game Watch Dogs 2

A few days ago, one of the train service in San Francisco, or commonly known as Muni got quite a surprise attack.

All of the computers used to buy train tickets hacked by an unknown name. Ransomware attacks are entered into the computer system makes the light train system throughout the day offline.

To make the trains are not hampered by this incident, Muni finally decided to eliminate the cost of travel for the day.

 Hacking Case Trains in San Francisco Similar Watch Dogs 2

Picture- Reddit
When Muni hacked, many computers there that displays the message "You Hacked, ALL Encrypted Data".

As a result of hacker attacks suddenly in San Francisco, many people, especially gamers who associate them with the latest Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs Game 2. Open World themed background hacking uses the same place as the train attacks, namely San Francisco.

The main character in the game Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway also use hacking skills to create chaos throughout the city.

For anyone who wants to play Watch Dogs 2, the game can be played on a variety of platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (Steam).