Great, Hacker Successfully breaking Data 134 Thousand US Navy!

Jaka As already mentioned, the digital world will never be separated from the name of crime. Level hacking or cracking the longer increasing. In fact, many victims in cases of hacking in the 2016's.

Crazy, recently heard the news that there are hackers who managed to break into the personal data of American troops. Wow! Less great what the hackers try? By hacking into American security, deh sure if there was an award for the hackers, surely he wins.

Great, Data Hacker Successfully breaking 134 thousand American troops!

 True, there were reports that 134 thousand data from USN (United States Navy) successfully hacked. These data include email, phone numbers, calls, and letters. Well, how do hackers hack important data?

One naval use with the HP brand laptop hacked. The data were successfully hacked was coming from the laptop. Party HP realized that the attack had been carried out on 27 October.

However, the Navy said: 

"After the analysis provided by HPES (Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service) and investigations are being conducted by the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), it was determined that on 22 November 2016, sensitive information of 134 386 navy has been accessed by parties unknown." 
Rober Burke, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. browser:

"The Navy really take this incident as a very serious case. Because, this is a matter of trust for our navy." He continued, "We are still in the early stages of the investigation, and are working as quickly as possible to identify and protect those who are victims of this case." E Adm. said: 

Roughly, that important information will diapain yes same hacker? To remind, you also do not carelessly storing things in the digital world, including sosmed chat apps yes. Share your opinion!