Danger! Hackers Can Now Pirate PC You Through Facebook and LinkedIn

Many ways in which hackers to attack or spy on victims. Ways that are popular these days is to use social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Researchers in leading technology software company, Check Point, has found that one variant Ransomware, Locky, exploit vulnerabilities from Facebook and LinkedIn to be able to infect the user's computer.

How do hackers use security loopholes in Facebook and LinkedIn?

Malware dangers of Facebook and LinkedIn


Reporting from Engadget, the means used is to force the user's browser to download images that have been infiltrated by the malicious code automatically.

When the user opens the image files in the victim's computer will be encrypted and can only be opened if the victim pays to hackers.

Locky code itself is actually very easy to avoid if you are vigilant. You just do not need to open a file that is considered suspicious that suddenly are on your computer.

However, some people strongly believe in the security of social media so that they are not overly concerned about the file downloads from major sites such as Facebook.

Check Point itself has to say about this security exploits to Facebook and LinkedIn since last September. However, there have been improvements is not known yet.