How to Accelerate Internet Connection on Android

Internet consumption levels at this time is higher. You are also increasingly required to be always connected to the Internet, to get information faster, precise, and accurate. It is already impossible denied again, because in almost every corner of the place, there must be people who were using smartphones.

On the other hand, even if you are already wearing the latest Internet network, namely 4G LTE, does not necessarily guarantee you'll speeding Internet connections. In fact, in some areas, the 3G connection is still better. Therefore, through this article, Jaka will give way speed up the Internet connection on your Android, let you stay connected to the Internet even in 3G networks.

What is the most important thing that should require an Internet connection with both? Usually, the important thing really needs is an Internet connection when you are browsing, socially mediated, chat, play games, and use a mapping application. Therefore, how to speed up the 3G connection on your Android can help you very well.

Use the Application Browser Opera Max 

Opera Max
If you want to know how to speed up the Internet connection on your Android, you have to use and download Opera Max as your primary browser. Why? Look guys, this app actually designed to be used via WiFi networks are crowded or many who use it. However, dowmnload Opera Max is also able to optimize the browsing you well even though only connect 3G. In fact, Opera Max is also able to optimize any content streaming smelled fixed quickly.

On the other hand, Opera had already been announced that the product has been improved to 23%. Thus, clearly proves that the performance of Opera Max almost a quarter faster to search than other browsers. So, what should you wait? Immediate download Opera Max

Wear Facebook Lite, Feel the difference!

Facebook Lite
In this digital era, social media is indeed important things you should know and should you have. Because, with the presence of social media, sharing information even easier. You only need to open the application of social media, and friends cyberspace you definitely will share important news from sources everywhere. One of the social media, which is still used by many people, and easy in use is up.Yup, Facebook is a means of cyberspace's most appropriate if you want to find a variety of information and news. However, if your Internet connection is not good, you'll definitely upset nan ngerasain whose name is incredible. Therefore, how to speed up the Internet connection on Android you can do is to download Facebook Lite. By downloading Facebook Lite, you are able to do by speeding up your 3G connection very well. Therefore, Facebook Lite itself is famous for its lightweight and economical in the use of Internet data. Definitely bersosial media became more speeding deh. Remember, downloading Facebook Lite yes.

Disabling Images in the Browser!

How to speed up Internet connection in the next Android is that you can disable images on the browser you use. Suppose, you have not downloaded the Opera Max and still use the Chrome browser, you can make it to not display images while browsing. The trick, open Google Chrome, select the icon in the form of three-point option, Settings> Data Saver> Saver Data enabled.

In this way, Chrome will automatically nullify the image when an Internet connection is weakening. Therefore, how to speed up the 3G connection on your Android this one is widely used, because it can save your data quota.

Clear Cache on the Application Runs Slow   

Have you already tried how to speed up connection over 3G Android? If indeed the above had not been successful and your Android smartphone still runs slow 3G connection, the problem is not on the Internet, but on the device you use.

How to speed up Internet connection in the next Android, you shall purge the cache applications used and connected with an internet connection. Suppose you find that your Internet connection is slow when opening Chrome, the entrance to Settings> Applications> Chrome> Clear Cache. Perform this step on the same application when you feel you slow Internet.

Remove Applications Monopolize Internet access  

Using Android smartphone is fun. Many interesting applications that you can use. However, you need to consider first, what applications are suitable for your smartphone. Well, how to speed up the Internet connection at the next Android, you need to remove applications are hogging your Internet access.

What do you mean? Look, a lot of applications running in the background and still suck your Internet network. Therefore, when you're browsing, chat, or social bermedia feels slow, then one reason is other applications consuming more Internet access than the application that you are using at the time.

That's some way of speeding up Internet connections in Android even though you use the 3G network. Do you get up here? Write down your opinion in the comments below ya.