How Long Can CD Durability Storing Data You?


Everyone in the modern era have certainly never use the CD as a storage medium. Starting from the thesis assignment save even up to watch a favorite dangdut recording. But whether we can rely on a CD to store data for a long time? Is the disc can pass down to our children and grandchildren later?

Through this article, let us peel thoroughly about the durability of the CD as a storage medium of a million people are berdasarkaan explanation of Makeusof sites. Ready? Let's discuss the actual CD endurance it takes time how long anyway? Curious is not it? Listened to friend!

Durability CD To Store Data You

CD is composed of what the heck is that?

Before we discuss the strength of the CD, we have to know first, the disc is made up of what really is. CD consists of three layers, namely:

  • Wrapping layer that serves as protector of the reflective layer.
  • Shiny coating that serves to reflect the laser.
  • Layer polycarbonate pieces for storing data. 
In addition, the CD can also be equipped with a dye layer between the reflective layer and protective layer. In addition to the label that has been installed in the CD implemented at wrapping layer. Factor that plays an important role in determining the durability of a CD is through the quality of the reflective layer. Another factor is the material of the CD, the production process, and of course the treatment of the users themselves.

Durability CD  

Sure as a storage medium, for durability CD certainly vary depending on the above points. But in theory, the actual CD can hold up to 200 years for CD-R and Blu-Ray already filled. But CD-R and CD-RW only expected to last 5 to 10 years if it is still empty. DVD-RW that has been filled have durability up to 30 years, followed by a CD-RW and DVD-R are durable up to 20-100 years if it is already filled. 

Factors That Cause Decay CD 

Make no mistake, the CD also can decompose know. Reflective coating made of aluminum susceptibility to several factors. Here are the things that can accelerate the decay of the CD, especially the reflective layer:
Oxidation or corrosion
  •      Physical damage to the disk and the end of the CD
  •      Galvanic reaction between the coating and protective
  •      Chemical reaction
  •      Damage caused by ultra violet light
  •      Damage to the material pieces  

How the heck do I make a CD remains Durability?

Although the CD does not last forever, you can still keep it as long as possible by following the tips below:

  • Choose a CD with good material and of the brands that have been tested.
  •      Choose a CD with gold coating for better durability.
  •      Do not touch the CD on its surface, avoid scratches and protect it from dust.
  •      Keep the CD in a dry, dark, and cold. Temperature, sunlight, moisture, and pollutants can  damage the lining.
  •      Keep a box rather than having the slip of paper.
  •      Use the marker / markers with non-solvent base from which to label the CD.
  •      Not too often rewrite CD.
  •      Use low speed time to burn a CD to avoid errors and improve quality.  
Now what? already know right now for durability CD how long? CD storage media is the most widely in use by us. Therefore a lot of us wonder about the durability of the CD. 


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