5 Tips You Should Know to be Able to Distinguish Charger Genuine and Counterfeit

The use of the charger can not be separated from smartphones as these devices need power to run all the applications that it carries. Sometimes we remove the charger or charger was damaged beyond diservice of course, we have to buy a new charger.

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Here are tips Easy Charger How to Distinguish Genuine and CounterfeitIn using the charger of course there are important things you need to consider is the authenticity of the charger is indeed genuine or fake.

It is certainly important because it can affect the charging smartphones. The original Charger will also make smartphone battery last long and lasting damage.

Be careful when you choose the wrong fake charger is used to charge the smartphone because it would threaten the smartphone battery and quickly broken.

The original charger or charger original charger original is inherited from the smartphone in one package. However, sometimes over time it could have been damaged or lost charger so we need to buy another charger to replace him. 

Here it is important to note whether the charger original purchased or paslu. Be careful because the market many outstanding charger paslu the price is cheaper than the original charger.

Well, to be able to distinguish genuine or fake charger, you can follow the tips below:

How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit Charger

1. Bring the original charger adapter when buying

When you will buy the charger, do not forget to always carry your original charger adapter so that you can ensure that the charger adapter you buy it together with your original charger adapter.

Standardize all the existing numbers on the adapter, the structure or design of the USB port on the adapter also make sure the same, make sure that there are no significant differences in the adapter that you will buy. In general, pasli adapter that has a sleeker design and without detail.

2. Use Applications

An application called Ampere is an application that can help you distinguish genuine or fake charger, how it works is to calculate how much power is going into the smartphone when the contents. 

So when recharging, see how the voltage and current into the phone, having known the result is then equated to the value on the head adapter charger. If not the same then you ought to suspect the authenticity of the charger.

3. Look at USB Cables

USB cable in general are not only used to charge the battery but also transferring data. Of course if the cable is false then it would make no maximum data transfer. 

To be able to distinguish between real or fake charger, do not forget to pay attention to thickness and length of the USB plug to be purchased. False Charger often supplied by a USB plug which is longer and thicker.

4. Choose Official Shop For Buying Charger

Make sure the store you choose when they wanted to buy a charger is the official store, let alone the increasing number of online stores that are now circulating, then you have to be really smart to choose the official online store bersitus so as to guarantee the authenticity of the goods you buy.

5. Note Price

Typically, counterfeit charger will be sold at a cheaper price so it is easy to attract you to buy. Do not let the low price and offers many features you actually fooled to choose the charger.So do not be fooled by rogue sellers stating the authenticity of the charger are sold.

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