iPhone 8 Will Have Dual Camera and Dual OIS!

The longer the development of the gadget world is increasingly innovative. The reason, the vendors will always vying to create a technology that could turn to device enthusiast. And, this is also done by Apple to be able to make the iPhone 8 it's getting cool.

iPhone 8? True, from the news circulated, Apple preparing iPhone product 8 into the smartphone market. With the presence of the iPhone 7 yesterday, of course, Apple's smartphone future will be much more sophisticated. In fact, the latest news says that the iPhone 8 will have the features of a god!

Do Shocked, iPhone 8 Will Have Dual Camera and Dual OIS!


Yes, god Jaka features mean the iPhone 8 will immerse features a dual camera with dual OIS. So when you want to take photographs or video, in addition to the effect of bokeh created, the results are guaranteed good (no shaking). This was revealed by an analysis of named Ming-Chi Kuo.

In addition, Apple also diekspektasikan will immerse telephoto lens to be used on both cameras in order to improve the ability of emulation optical zoom to get better.

To support the OIS telephoto lens in the iPhone 8, then Apple is certainly required to improve the image circle of the lens, which certainly will cause the time to calibrate and assembly process becomes longer and complex. If true Apple will embed features dual cameras, dual OIS telephoto lens with a second camera, if it will make you stunned?


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