Is this the look of Samsung Galaxy Pro C9 Color Black Actually?

Samsung deserves two thumbs up on smartphones in him, especially as reported on page GSMArena, shows the new look of the variants of the Samsung Galaxy Pro C9.  

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Buddy deteknokers can directly see below, in which an apparent smartphone device is in hand, and pulled again, mentioning that the smart phone is a black color variant of the Samsung Galaxy Pro C9, where the color is rarely used by a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Pro C9 Color Black Actually? 

Samsung Galaxy Pro C9
And usually black used by a premium smartphone devices from various manufacturers. But even comes wrapped in dark colors, 3 antenna line is still visible between the bottom and top. 

Even comes in a new color variant, about the specification, is the same as the previous version, which will display sector using 6-inch touchscreen panel and given the ability to be able to display images in maximum resolution of 1080p (FHD).

Furthermore photography on her, samsung cultivate camera combo, ie, between the front and rear camera lenses supported are the same.  

The size alone is 16 Megapixel with an aperture of f / 1.9 at the main part or the rear, with the users can certainly get the snap clear photos even exist in low light conditions (Low-light). Similarly, in the front, buried samsung camera of 16 MP, which is able to count on in the affairs selfie photo.

Then move on to the kitchen sector runway, snapdragon 653 chipset looks strengthen the very core body C9 Galaxy Pro, and fully supported 6GB RAM. With these provisions is allowed C9 Pro to be able to bulldoze runs various forms of the latest 3D games without any significant obstacles. 

Not only that, multitasking is also possible to run smoothly on the screen, so the user is more likely to reach applications that want it just by touch.

Then to optimize, Android OS v6.0 (Marshmallow) in make her a as a basis for the passage of all the existing system in C9 Galaxy Pro, which will make him more powerful, and make the interface look more attractive and feature-rich therein.  

While on the supporting power, samsung rely on the battery capacity of 4000 mAh, the battery size was great, of course, would give more time to the current users explore all what is in this smartphone.

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