Kevo Smart Lock, Home Door Lock your Smartphone

We are certainly going to feel anxious when having to go out of the house, because it could be the house sudang sekawaan targeted by criminals.  

For that we need to increase alertness by using a key that is comfortable and safe home. Kevo is Smart Lock key, a house key that will make you feel comfortable when leaving the house.As time goes by this time there are so many electronic devices that will make the user feel comfortable, including the door lock. If the door locks are usually used are the usual door lock, then try this one way.Kevo key is a set of tools keamaan being discussed by many people, where how to operate this key using the Bluetooth network. In other words, you can unlock and lock the doors using your smartphone. 

 When you want to unlock or lock the door then you need to do is hold your phone close to the door, especially in the door lock. If it does not close, it is feared bluetooth signal will not be up and the door could not be locked.This device is only for the iOS platform users, because the developers still consider that the Android platform is still not able to run the program Kevo well. 

 But that does not mean that in the future there will be no cooperation, because now the developer is still trying to use the android platform 5.0 or Lollipop to be able to operate Kevo this.

Kevo Smart Lock, Home Door Lock your Smartphone 


Kevo Smart Lock
There are several advantages that we will get when using this Kevo app. The first is the home will be safer for their menjaid sophisticated security system.  

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With the system's security like this, of course, the house will not easily looted by criminals. You can travel comfortably. Another advantage circuitry using an application like this is to be very futuristic house, where the open and lock the door only using a smartphone.


Kevo Smart Lock
In addition to the advantages there are also disadvantages of the use of applications such as this, that is when the smartphone is lost, or is damaged it would be difficult to open the door. 

To overcome this it is better if you contact the costumer service of Kevo, so we still have other alternatives to unlock the door in an emergency.

Cannggih equipment like this would not be easily applied by anyone, only a few people who want to learn this kind of technology which will be able to run a device like this. It is not difficult to learn the technology like this.

The sophistication of the technology that exists today will greatly benefit a wide range of parties, and one of them is an automatic door with a key, using an application from your smartphone. So if you are interested to use this for your home? In the US alone as the key Kevo is priced at $ 199.

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