MacBook Pro 2016 Should You Buy New Dongle For Connected to iPhone

Apple has released a new edition of the MacBook Pro 2016, with a number of new features. However, like any new features presented, Apple often omit other important features that are already considered old school. Call it, MacBook 2015 edition which only has a single port USB Type-C, while the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm audio jack. As a result, you are encouraged to buy an accessory cable or a new dongle to enable you to connect with other devices.

The launch of the new MacBook Pro is quite surprising because each model is equipped with 4-port USB Type-C. Meanwhile, 3.5 mm audio jack which was rumored to be lost like in the iPhone 7 was still there. However, you still have to buy a new dongle accessory.

MacBook Pro 2016 Required You Buy New Dongle For Connected to iPhone

 If you want to buy a new MacBook Pro, then you need the USB dongle to the USB 2.0 standard Type-C for connecting external HDD to the MacBook and a lightning cable to the USB Type-C to connect your MacBook to the iPhone. Meanwhile, if you want to wear earpods the port end of lightning, then you also need a similar dongle or connect a USB dongle that ends using Type-C.

Reporting from The Next Web, so far not all cable with Type-C USB port capable of running the data transfer and battery charging simultaneously. While the universal connector that can be inverted and equally functional on each end is still very rare in the market.

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