Malware Headphone So It Can Change Means for Spying

Who would have thought, a simple headphone fact can be used by a hacker to carry out spying activities. This is evidenced by an Internet security researcher from the University of Ben Gurion Israel. In their research, a headphone can be converted into a microphone using a malware called Speak the name of(a)r.

This malware has the ability to change the vibrations that arise from sound into an electromagnetic signal. The next step, malware can also be deceiving channel audio output on the chip so that changed into the input channel. According to records of Wired, it is very possible for the audio codec Realtek chip features.

With this capability, a headphone microphone will be able to work properly. And of course, the hacker who managed to instill this malware will be able to easily hear all sorts of conversations that occur around the headphones. And, most of the computer users around the world vulnerable to becoming a victim of this malware.

As known, the majority of both computer-based Mac or Windows using audio chip from Realtek. The bad news, because this vulnerability is on the chip, then there will not be a software update that can be used to fix it. As a preventive measure, PC users can keep away from the headphones, at least 6 meters while engaged in an important conversation. Or, it could also choose to unplug the headphones.  


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