Martian Notifier Smartwatch Hour Semi Dual battery

One hour smart that shook the world of technology comes from a company at the same clock maker of wireless communication via a clock that is Martian Notifier Smartwatch. Smart watches Martian Watches output is named Martian Notifier Smartwatch and the watches are crafted semi-smart.  

Martian Notifier is a smart watch that in the production of semi smartwatch after previous drops associated with voice control. These watches are responsible for giving you continuous updates even if you're cool doing house calls with your phone. As products that were previously only able to do beyond that to sound, the only Martian Notifier also has a feature to provide notifications.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch as an hour at a time notifier will directly give you notifications when you get a message, telephone or anything else related to your phone's notifications. Notification is given in the form of vibrations that you can customize to their needs regarding the vibration pattern. So you can still find out notifications that you get even if you're busy.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Hour Semi Dual battery 


Physical features of the Martian Notifier Smartwatch 

Martian Notifier
Martian Notifier Smartwatch has a length and a width of about 43 mm. Its thickness is about 1.3 cm and weighs 52 grams sebasar. Smart clock is equipped with an analog clock with the movement of the shadow of Japan, has a command button, and also the selector button below.  

To give you notifications related to your phone, Martian Notifier provides OLED graphic display measuring 96 x 16 px. To connect the watch to your phone given in the form of Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with RGB LED lights, vibration to the screen. Strap is made of silicon, and also USB port for charging.

Excellence Martian Notifier Smartwatch  

Martian Notifier
Martian Notifier Smartwatch built to be compatible with ios and android devices through Bluetooth network. Regarding the power of life, you do not have to worry because the Martian Notifier Watch comes with a battery that mampi survive up to 5 days for the battery notifier and is also available analog battery that will keep your analog watches remain alive despite hours to notifier has been used up. The battery is capable of living within 5 days diving requires charging 2 hours. 

Charging the battery can be easily one of which is by plugging in the USB of your computer and can also be recharged with the same adapter with your phone.

 Another advantage is the shape of the Martian Notifier is very similar to analog watches so you can still be stylish with your watch and also stay connected with the virtual world. Another advantage of this smartwatch has a very low price compared with other smart watch. In a few hours online stores are sold at a price below $100. 

Disadvantages Martian Notifier Smartwatch 

Martian Notifier
Besides the many advantages possessed by Martian Notifier Smartwatch, it also has some drawbacks such as having limited functionality because it can only receive notifications from your phone only, then this clock does not have a feature waterproof so it should be really cautious when using it, especially if in Indonesia because it has rainy season. In addition the screen is used for notification so small that it seems like an hour less smart.


Martian Notifier
Martian Notifier Smartwatch is an amazing device as the liaison between the analog world to the digital world. Even so Martian Notifier Smartwatch can not be called a smart clock because not too show elements such riches have no voice command, control music player does not have, does not have a camera so that the device is called device is less intelligent and more like an ordinary analog clock.  

But Martian Notifier Smartwatch can continue to be developed by providing waterproof features and also the removal of cable ownership. Martian Notifier Smartwatch marketed online since June 16th yesterday. In addition you can also buy online at the official website of the Martian Notifier Smartwatch. 


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