Allegedly Meizu Pro 6 Edge Appears On Virtual Worlds with Curved Screen 2K

Allegedly Meizu Pro 6 Edge Appears On Virtual Worlds with Curved Screen 2K

Not long ago, the brand from Chinese smartphone Meizu has launched the flagship smartphone Meizu titled pro 6 Plus. However, as not only Meizu pro 6 are present at the end of this year, as the company is known to have set up a new smartphone that is more powerful company with Meizu Pro 6 Plus.

Starting from Weibo sites recently, seen a few pictures of the new smartphone Meizu showing curved screens. Smartphone previously still mysterious is now known as Meizu Pro 6 Edge which appear in two colors, namely black and white.

Meizu Pro 6 Edge uses a curved design on all sides with chamfered edges to facilitate handrails. The screen has a special arches on all four sides are manufactured using hot-bend process. So arches on the side of the front and rear.

Meizu Pro 6 Edge reportedly still carrying the same innards as Meizu Pro 6 Plus, which uses Exynos 8890 chipset made by Samsung. Moreover, the device is rumored to carry the Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2K.

For possible time of the launch of this smartphone, it seems the company will announce Meizu Edge Pro 6 along with Meizu M5 Note that the plan would take place on 6 December. Things to keep in mind that it is still a rumor, and given the press conference just wait one more day, we become more patient in waiting for confirmation from the company. Even though the device is not so published, we can still meet M5 Note Meizu launched immediately.   


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