Gliding Year Future, Here Leaked Specs Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

In the last year, precisely on October 2015 Microsoft launched their multimedia tablet, the Surface Pro 4. Not only with an elegant shape, the innards of the device is very capable for everyday needs, especially for office productivity.

Already a year has passed and until now Microsoft is still mum about the continuation of the tablet device at the same laptop. But as reported by Liliputing, reportedly the Surface Pro 5 will be present in the spring of next year, or around the month of March 2017.

From the rumors mentioned that the device will reportedly use processors from Intel Kaby Lake. For the series itself is still not known whether there will be a variant with an Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7, but it certainly will use a range of Intel processors Kaby Lake Y. This type was also widely used in the latest laptops.

For the amount of RAM that will be embedded in Surface Pro 5 is unfortunately still not known with certainty. But from rumors circulating say that the laptop 2-in-1 would hold the SSD with a capacity large enough, namely a capacity of 512GB.  

Problem seems Microsoft will fill the battery with a larger capacity than the previous series. However, there are rumors that the Surface Pro 5 will support wireless charging wireless alias. Then for konenktivitasnya itself would be increased as the use of a USB port and a Thunderbolt type C 3. 


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