Mysterious Voice Heard in Space

A Chinese astronaut, Yang Liwei said she heard a strange sound when he flew into space. The mysterious voice was like the noise of object hit with an iron.

Mysterious Voice Heard in Space 

Mysterious Voice Heard in Space

"It does not come from outside or inside the spacecraft, but it sounded like someone was knocking on the body of the spacecraft as knocking iron bucket with a wooden mallet," said Yang Liwei, told Express.

Liwei admitted, not only he heard the strange sound. However, some of the crew who are on board the aircraft also heard. Liwei even had time to check out the plane but did not find any.

Feeling curious about the origin of the voice, Liwei then try to discuss the origin of the noise with the experts. However, he still had not found the source of the sound is coming from.

"Before entering the space, I have told them that the voice is a normal phenomenon, so no need to worry," said Liwei.

Sounds strange phenomenon has also been experienced by some astronauts. Some of the astronauts who had inhabited the space station MIR, also often heard strange noises. What is even more surprising because it airtight outer space should be less likely to sound.

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