Cool, Nikon Most oldschool It auctioned with a price that is Fantastic

If there are items that are very rare in this world, people will inevitably seek to auction it off at a very high price. Even in this world there are some people who are willing to pay 740 million to buy a rare Pokemon cards, so you can imagine how much total money they spend to get these trinkets.

In fact, the story is also experienced by most old school cameras made by Nikon, where the auction was held in Austria, the oldest camera auctioned starting price of $ 406,000. Fantastic price for goods already very old.
This camera is the third camera ever produced by Nikon in April 1948 ago. On this camera are F2 Nikkor lens original when it comes with double strap original case, where the accessories are also very rare. Even in the camera body also brought writing that the cameras produced in Japan.

This camera was originally launched as Nikon but then later referred to as Nikon One such in the next years models M and S are added to the lineup. The camera itself is worth $ 190,000, but bidding on the auction opened at $ 95,000. However, one of the richest people who are lucky managed to get the camera at a price of $ 406,000. The prices were so fantastic is not it?