Nobody in the Dual Camera Samsung Galaxy S8?

Nobody in the Dual Camera Samsung Galaxy S8?

Rumors about Samsung's plan to embed a dual camera system on the Galaxy S8 have been heard for a long time. The company mentioned will follow a number of other companies that have implemented such a system.

Quoted from Softpedia News latest news says Samsung is not going to abandon the proposal. According to a source from China, South Korea-based company plans to bring dual lens on Galaxy S8 aground with a yet unknown reason.

If this news is true, according to some, the decision feels quite strange. Therefore, other vendors have similar technology to embed its latest smartphone, such as LG in G5 and Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Earlier, the news about the Galaxy S8 with a dual camera system is strong enough surfaced. South Korean company was expected to release two models of Galaxy S8, which has a double and a single camera.

Even so, keep in mind that this information is still a rumor and there might be no changes made to the company. Therefore, interesting to look forward to what the new technology that will be carried on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Launch of S8 own Galaxy to date certainly not change. Just like the previous Galaxy S series, carpet Mobile World Congress held next year will be an introduction of the Galaxy S8.

Although it is possible void stretcher dual lens feature for the main camera, Samsung is rumored to have plans to bring forward an autofocus function on the camera Galaxy S8. This was done to accommodate or Selfie selfie trend that is now loved by many smartphone users.

Based on the information source, Samsung decided to introduce AF actuator in front of the camera Galaxy S8. AF actuator is a section on the camera module that functions to control and adjust the lens focus automatically.


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