Nokia Preparing Fighting Smartphone Market

Image-Company Nokia

HMD Global Oy to prepare a strategy to bring back the Nokia brand into the mobile market, after completing the purchase of a license on the Nokia brand for ten years from the previous owner, Microsoft. Even in this case HMD ensure they have prepared the first smartphone with the Nokia name that will be launched in 2017.

In addition, certain companies are also still working on low-end phones and tablet Nokia to target the lower segment. Steps taken HMD certainly not without reason, low-end phones Nokia still has a sizable interest in the market. Noted, in some areas of Asia sales of feature phones Nokia is still quite good.

"We are ready to compete with a number of existing smartphone players. Together with HMD Global, Nokia is ready to become one of the key players in the competitive smartphone business," said CEO of Global HMD, Arto Nummel.

Some plans also been prepared Nummela to launch the inaugural mobile phones Nokia in 2017. One of them by cooperating with telecom service providers and sellers, to ensure Nokia's feature phone users switch to smartphones.

Although the time to dominate the mobile phone market, Nokia in fact the trip him waver in recent years. In this case the mobile phones of Nokia are not able to compete with a smartphone based on Android and iOS.


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