Nokia Will Return selling Smartphone in 2017

Since being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia is prohibited from issuing a new product under the name Nokia, not to mention smartphones.

Got lost in circulation for some time, Nokia again sounding names in the world of smartphones.

In its official website,, the Finnish company will officially release a smartphone with the latest Android OS in early 2017.

Approximately what smartphones will be introduced and sold Nokia in 2017?

Nokia Back Selling Smartphone

It is not certain what the smartphone will be introduced in 2017. However, with the number of circulating rumors, Nokia D1C the one who will most likely be the Android smartphone "first" Nokia.

Even so, should we wait for an official explanation on the "Mobile World Congress", Barcelona, February 2017. Because the Nokia and HMD Global has a special booth at the annual event.

Smartphone Nokia will be created and distributed by a global HMD. HMD itself is a new company based in Finland, and will not only make Android smartphones Nokia, but also typical Nokia feature phone and tablet.

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