Patents New Drone From Samsung Is this fact looks like Mini UFO

For now, the popularity of drones has expanded to all ages, even children are now familiar with the drone. Most current drones carrying form quad-copter, which has four propellers on every corner, even though there are more than that. However, it seems that the technology giant from South Korea, Samsung has its own shape.

Patents New Drone From Samsung Is this fact looks like Mini UFO 

Recently Samsung has filed a patent for a product drone with a unique shape, which is circular. Of course by looking at the shape, reminiscent of a UFO shape or what we often call the flying saucer. Yes, Samsung puts a huge rotor in the middle of the drone. The form is quite bizarre, such as electric fan without handle placed horizontally.

According to reports SlashGear, drones Samsung will be made of the body berbagan metal and synthetic resin. In addition, the drones are also equipped with a camera and a four-foot buffer on the bottom that has a function to support when landing. Samsung is inspired by the shape of the spacecraft that most disc-shaped, creating a form that's enough. 

Unfortunately, it is still an image that is all we can know. There is no information about how he flew or specifications of the camera owned by the drones. Because the drone is still a patent document, so do not expect if Samsung will introduce it in the near future. 


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