Plain Earth Google Earth Changes Since 1984

Google Earth Perubahan Dataran Bumi Sejak 1984 

In 2013, Google launched Timelapse. Google Earth project was to show what the plains of Earth that are changing approximately three decades.

Reported by Mashable, Wednesday (11/30/2016), Google did update the expanded Timelapse of the period from 1984 to 2016. The Earth Video plains developments appear fairly sharp quality.

The video also shows a significant change from the plains of Earth, which includes deforestation, glacial motion and urbanization. Some examples of areas shown as Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco or Hourihan Glacier in Antarctica.

Google has shared an interesting insight into how Timelapse created. Companies reportedly requires three quadrillion pixels and more than 5 million satellite to do so.

Some time ago it was reported, the Google Earth service can be accessed through the platform of virtual reality (VR). Google Earth VR available on Steam Store on the device HTC Vive.


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