Present at the Second Generation Pokemon Pokemon GO Latest Update

Best games in Google Play Store for 2016, Pokemon GO, release updates or update that contains a variety of new monsters.  

Two of them are Pichu, the baby form of Pokemon that has been known by many as a form of funny and Togepi, monsters have a unique form because it looks like newly hatched from an egg.

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Present at the Second Generation Pokemon Pokemon GO Latest Update

Pokemon GO

Gadgeteers been able to get both of them in the latest game Pokemon Go. However, Niantic does not necessarily make it easier for players to get both these Pokemon with ease. The "Pokemon Trainer" can only get both in a way to incubate the eggs.

In other words, the user must run a certain distance just to get a chance to get Pichu and Togepi, because the only way to incubate the eggs is by some distance.

Not only released Pichu and Togepi, Niantic also released another monster that came from the Johto region in Pokémon Gold and Silver, but until now still has not revealed any pokemon in question.

If in accordance with the leaks in circulation, there will be an additional 5 Pokemon more to be found, namely Chikorita, Celebi, Cyndaquil, Marrep, and Wooper.  

Surprisingly enough, these leaks do not include the name of Totodile, one starter Pokemon water type, but which has a Chikorita and Cyndaquil leaf element that has the element of fire was already there.

Within this update, Niantic also released a special edition Pikachu wearing a red hat around the world to welcome the holiday Christmas and new year. 

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