Prevent Notebook Laptop Damaged or Bad Sector with 6 Ways It

As the importance of the role of the CPU and GPU to provide faster performance, the hard disk is also an important component of any laptop or PC. Without hard disk, you obviously would have trouble storing data.

Given the importance of the hard disk, then you need to prevent your laptop hard disk is damaged or bad sectors. So you have to do special measures to prevent the hard disk is damaged.

How to Prevent Bad Sector Notebook order photo

Many physical causes that make the hard disk is damaged or bad sectors, such as collision. But there is also the cause of the software, such as viruses. To prevent the hard disk is damaged, try the following steps:

1. Do Deadly Laptop Without Shutdown  

When you choose a shutdown, the laptop will save all the process you run to your hard disk. If you suddenly stop the performance of the hard disk without shutdown, hard disk so shocked and will give damage to the hard disk cylinders.

In addition, if you frequently turn off the laptop without shutdown, registry so messy. This will make the performance of the hard disk so weakened and risk destroying it.

2. Routine Hard Disk Defrag

Routine Hard Disk Defrag
The process of application usage, browsing, create and open a document sometimes create some files become fragmented / defrag the hard disk. To the solution, you can do a defrag your hard disk.

Defrag the hard drive is important so that the performance of the laptop hard drive remains tight. To be further optimized and do not damage your hard disk, read the article How Hard Disk Defrag Good and True.

3. Partition Hardisk

Partition Hardisk
When first installing the operating system on your laptop, you'll always be prompted to create a partition. This partition is important to prevent your laptop hard disk is damaged.

With the partition on the hard disk, then you would be wise to use when installing new applications or store data. Do not let the hard disk is full, because the risk of a decrease in performance will be faster when the hard disk is full.

4. Avoid Conflicts and Shocks

Avoid Conflicts and Shocks
After talking in terms of technical, to protect laptop hard disk to prevent rapid deterioration is to keep it bumped. Shocks and collisions will create so disturbed laptop components, including hard disk. Therefore, always keep your laptop in a safe place of strong shocks.

5. Avoid Make Laptop on Top Mattress

Avoid Make Laptop on Top Mattress
During use, the processor and VGA laptop you're so hot. Laptop surface heat flow will be saved and if you use it on the surface of the mattress. The impact, the components in your laptop will overheat.

Excessive hot temperatures will trigger components in the laptop so quickly broken, including the hard disk. Therefore, a good idea to use a laptop on a flat surface such as a table, or use a USB cooling pad to dissipate heat generated.

6. Install Antivirus

Install Antivirus
Not only because of the operation of the course, the hard drive can also be damaged due to virus attacks. To prevent this virus attack, try to install the best antivirus on your laptop computer.

That she steps that you can do to prevent your laptop hard disk is damaged or bad sectors. Do not want to have to replace the new laptop because the hard disk is damaged? So while not broken, let prevented by the steps above!