Review Acer E5-553G

Notebook now be dominated by Intel processors, but it does not mean that AMD did not let it go. Through one of Bristol Ridge its processors, AMD processors A12-9700P trying to compete in the upper middle class. On paper, this processor has a performance over Intel Core i5-6200U, but still below the Core i7-6700K. This performance measurement is based on testing cpuboss.

Seeing the performance of the processor on top, Acer uses AMD processors Bristol Ridge A12-9700P on one of his mainstream notebooks, Acer E5-553G, which at this time can be regarded as reliably friendly gaming notebook in the bag.


Image-Acer E5-553G
Bodi premium. Body design promoted by Acer E5-553G very impressed premium. When others make notebook design with glossy and matte, it is precisely on this notebook Acer makes their accents vertical and horizontal lines that can be felt by hand so as to make the outside is not easy be imitated fingerprints.

Prominent worth the price. The use of an AMD processor is the main attraction for Acer E5-553G. While people still do not believe with AMD, it is precisely through this notebook Acer wants to indicate that the processor and AMD GPU is able to do things that are quite heavy.

With the use A12-9700P processor, AMD Radeon GPU R8 M445 DX, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and hard disk 1 TB, this notebook capable of running game that is heavy on high configuration like GTA V and Dota2. At the time of play, the average frame rate of 30-40 fps is obtained.

Speaker detail. Although the character of the bass produced is still far from the expected, its sound is still sufficient detail and loud in the small room. This is influenced by the use of Acer Trueharmony which is to optimize the balance frequency to produce a real impression in playing games, watching movies, and listening to the song.

Interface complete. Common interfaces such as USB 2.0 / 3.0, VGA, HDMI, Audio out, LAN has been provided on the left and right sides of the notebook. However, there are additional ports are still not common also pinned, ie USB Type C. This shows that this laptop has a lifetime that is long enough to remember USB Type C will be the port that is reliable in the future.

Unique Features. If your smartphone runs out of power on the go, with this E5-553G Acer You do not have to worry anymore. This notebook supports USB power-off charging, where you do not need to turn on the notebook to charge your smartphone. In addition, equipped with MU-MIMO technology, the speed of data transfer over wireless will be very fast.

DVD drive. In the midst of scarcity DVD drive on today's notebooks, Acer E5-553G present to bring DVD-RW. Although it may not be too important, the presence of a DVD drive is now of course will add to the practicality of use, especially when trying to install the game or watching a movie on DVD.

Prices are still competing. For those of you who have a limited budget but want to have a gaming notebook with adequate performance even higher, maybe Acer E5-553G can be one option but ASUS X555DG. The design is quite unique with access to the lines on the outside also not impressed bored like other notebooks.

Full-size keyboard
. Good for typing even need to play the game, its keyboard feels comfortable. Especially with the kind of full-size keyboard with numeric pad, working on an Excel file will also be easier and more enjoyable.


Image-Acer E5-553G
Dirty easily. There is one thing to note. The use of aluminum material on the palm rest would sometimes leave traces of oil when the hands were sweaty. Therefore, it should be more diligent to clean it.

The position of the power button is less comfortable. Overall, we almost did not find flaws in Acer E5-553G. Obstacles such as the keyboard is noisy and fragile material on its predecessor (Acer E5-552G) is no longer felt. However, the existence of the power button on the upper right side of the keyboard is often depressed. Perhaps it is only the influence of habit. 


Port is complete, the processor and GPU are fairly reliable, as well as RAM and storage are quite relieved to be able to make this notebook as a gaming notebook your choice though this notebook is not included in the Predator series. In addition, a wide screen size makes it more convenient to watch a movie or just read comics. 


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