Complete Review Moto E3 Power

Smartphone big power began popping up in the end of this year. Some manufacturers have created berbaterai jumbo smartphone, such as ASUS, Xiaomi, Evercoss, Coolpad, and others also enliven this one segment. Including Motorola finally also interested in creating a smartphone battery Moto jumbo E3 Power.


Image-Moto E3 Power
Smartphone Moto affordable. Motorola often release a smartphone with a relatively high price. Because Motorola is often creating top-class smartphone with the latest hardware and technology. But specific to developing countries such as India and Indonesia, Motorola willing to create entry-level smartphone with a major advantage on the side of the battery.

Well, interestingly this smartphone is offered with a price tag that is much cheaper than most other Moto smartphone. In Indonesia, Moto E3 Power can be purchased with a spend Rp1.9 million. Price is of course could reach more people.

Classic solid body. Moto E3 Power brings classic design. That is, the back cover or back cover of his could be removed. Likewise with batteries that can be removed. Additionally, E3 Power Moto body made of plastic also feels solid and sturdy, firmly grasped.

Battery compete. Not only the price tag of just competing, proprietary battery Moto E3 Power is also very competitive. Smartphone This one is a strong challenger berbaterai jumbo affordable smartphones that already exist, such as the Asus Zenfone 3 Max or Coolpad Power.

Based on our testing, the 3500 mAh battery is brought could produce an average of screen-on time 4 hours 30 minutes. Just info, battery Android smartphones in general (2000-3000 mAh) was only able to survive with screen-on-time, two to three hours.

Pure Android. Wearing Moto E3 Power feels just like using Android or Google Nexus One. Because the smartphone is equipped with a pure Android operating system version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). In addition to simple, pure Android without much bloatware and unimportant feature makes performance noticeably faster and responsive.

Splash resistant. Moto E3 Power is not a smartphone that can take a swim. But if if the unfortunate spillage of water or rain may get stuck when holding Moto E3 Power, you do not need to worry. Yes, Moto E3 Power has a feature which means splashproof splash resistant.


Image-Moto E3 Power
Quad-core CPU. Quad-core 1.0 GHz MediaTek MT6735p brought sufficient for browsing, streaming, up jamming with the game graphics are passable as Asphalt 8. But if used for multitasking run all of them simultaneously, the smartphone is certain to be overwhelmed.

Not POWERBANK. Carrying jargon "Power", Moto E3 Power does have a battery with a middling performance. But that is quite unfortunate is minus reverse charging feature. By doing so, you can not make the Moto E3 Power as POWERBANK to charge other devices.


Motorola has been known as a manufacturer of quality smartphone. Not only the appearance, but also in terms of user experience. Moto presence E3 Power certainly be a differentiator for Motorola for more frequent release of the upper middle class smartphone berbanderol expensive. In addition, Moto E3 Power also can be a rational choice for those who seek great berbaterai smartphone with the taste of America (global), not China. 


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