Review HTC One A9, Luxury Mobile Middle Class

HTC popularity as one of the smart phone vendors are not as big as other vendors that dominate the production of smart phones. But it does not mean if a smart phone HTC losing competitiveness with phones from other vendors. 

This time turn HTC One A9 is ready to enliven the smart phone market. Not to be outdone, the HTC One A9 made with luxurious design similar to the iPhone 6s. Several color choices are available to make the phone is equally attractive. In addition, several advanced features are provided, making this phone not miss.

HTC One A9, Luxury Mobile Middle Class

Design and screen size

HTC One A9
As a smart phone that target the upper middle class, the HTC One A9 has a design that is quite luxurious. Made of metal increasingly making appearances this phone like the iPhone 6s. Smart phones made by HTC has a size of 145.8 x 70.8 x 7.3 mm.  

With the size of this phone, HTC One A9 weight reached 143 grams. Although weight is relatively not too light, but this phone is very light to carry. So you do not feel the weight but it is easy to carry everywhere.
While the screen size of 5 inches were used. Landscape screen HTC One A9 has been adopted advanced technology amoled display. With this technology, see your phone's screen will be more bright and sharp.  

In addition to using AMOLED technology, the screen also uses a full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels with a density of 441 pixels per inchinya. This resolution will produce images that look real with a very natural color. HTC One screen has also been coated with a protective A9 corning gorilla glass 4. This screen protector will make the display more perfect once scratch.

Processor Usage  

HTC One A9
In addition to premium design and amoled screen, HTC One A9 has backed the latest generation of Qualcomm processor. This latest Qualcomm processor named Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 will support the performance of the HTC One A9 to be amazing. 

The processor is capable of working with octa core speed of 1.5 GHz which will perform computing capabilities to 64-bit Cortex-A53. In addition, support is very capable processor, the HTC One A9 is also supported by the presence of 2 GB of RAM.

With the processor specifications are quite remarkable, not only will seamlessly run multiple applications but also when playing the game. Multitasking activities you do will also be faster and more responsive. 

Adreo rendered graphics processor 405 will make you more exciting gaming activities for graphical display perfect. With Adreno 405 graphics processor, not only amazing gaming activity, but other multimedia content will also be more perfect to be seen.

Cameras Upper Class  

HTC One A9
Smart phones will not be desirable if it does not have a camera feature with a remarkable ability to take a picture. HTC One A9 is equipped with a main camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels. This camera has been using technology OIS or Optical Image Stabilization. 

 This technology is often adopted in some camera phones to create a stable picture taken. In addition to camera phones, this technology also can you find in a DSLR camera that many professional photographers use.
The camera on the HTC One A9 Supported OIS technology maximizes taking pictures or video with moving objects. Blur that arise when taking pictures or video on the move will be eliminated by this OIS technology. So that the pictures or videos you take will be sharper.

 Not only the main outstanding camera, HTC One A9 also has a front camera that is no less powerful. The resolution used is 4-megapixel front camera. With this resolution, the image you generate will be extraordinarily good.

Internal storage and Internet Connections 

HTC One A9
Gaming activities or run certain applications always require a storage area that is not small. HTC One A9 has prepared an internal memory bit reaches 16 GB. If the internal storage is not enough, you can purchase a microSD up to a capacity of 128 GBB to support your internal storage. With a very large storage capacity, you do not need to worry when performing various gaming activities, run applications or just take pictures and video.

Connectivity HTC One A9 has been supported 4G LTE technology is capable of reaching speeds up to 150 mbps. In addition to support for 4G LTE, HTC One A9 also able to reach 3G HSDPA connection with speeds reaching 42.2 Mbps maximum. 

Premium class phone is also equipped with dual band konekstifitas wifi and bluetooth that will ensure the activities of your Internet connection running smoothly without a hitch. 


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