Review Sony SmartWatch 3, Specs And Price

The height of the product of intelligent watches or better known as the smartwatch is leaving Sony also to participate in it. Products are issued by Sony in a kind of smartwatch Dubbed the Sony Smartwatch 3. The shape of the box are held for the design of this type of smart watches was deliberately created with the design in order to satisfy the interest of users even though many of them feel that the design appears style boring moreover size is quite large section of the hand, making it a bit to cover part of your hand, especially those with small hand size. 

Review Sony SmartWatch 3, Specs And Price 

Sony SmartWatch 3,

But even if it appears to the design rather boring, this is precisely the smartwatch is equipped with various kinds of interesting features in it. It is even evidenced by the components of the Quad ARM which certainly has a high quality level even speed it has also mencpai number 1.2 GHz processor for each section.Shown with a form of high speed, poorer shape other components that also adorn the smartwatch is similar to what is used on the latest products from Samsung Gear 5, which use the same RAM with storage room in the same amount that is with the help of RAM on size of 512 MB while for penyimpanana space owned by him are in the size of the A capacity of about 4 GB only.

Although it has in common with the shape of the components contained in the Samsung Gear That, kind of smartwatch 3 from Sony is still superior, because it is accompanied by the certificate IP58 rated. Want to know if the type of certificate? Certificates that this one is evidence of a statement that smartwatch3 of sony has resistance to water, so that a form of the advantages possessed by him.Similarly, in various forms other smartwatch, kind of smartwatch this one is also equipped with GPS features, which make it easier for the user in finding the right path. Apart form the search tool path from the GPS, Sony also did not forget to show his identity by installing a typical sony music players, namely walkman, which is also available in almost all forms of other Sony devices.  

For smartwatch3 owned in terms of price is expected to be much more expensive when compared to its predecessor types, which is only in the range RP 2 million alone. That's why for this smartwatch is expected to reach the price RP. 3.5 million. For those of you who want to know more about 3 sony smartwatch, try to listen to some other part of the explanation below:

Excellence In Features

Sony SmartWatch 3
Types of watches intelligent have some form of interesting features that make it superior when compared with the shape of smartwatch other, the excellence shown by him in the form of attractive features, such as the existence of a certificate IP58 which makes the user does not have to bother anymore to take it off if it was happening rain or even when they want to do water sports activities, such as swimming snorkeling, and so forth.

Then it also comes with the features of weather which with such features as a user you can find out what the weather is going to happen next.Then smartwatch 3 Sony also comes with other interesting features as well as application of the travel and search. For travel applications, you can easily find the location most convenient destinations to visit according to your wishes, but that with the app you can also find out how long the journey takes shape and how far the distance is of course you should take.  

Meanwhile, for the search application, you can use to search the easy way, which is enough to mention what you're looking for from just in front of the smartwatch.Meanwhile, to charge smarwatch 3 this one too easy, it is associated with NFC-owned by him, so that you only have to connect it with part of Wirelles only, so that the charging process is ready to do. By using fiitur this one needs a battery of the smartwatch to be filled even faster than using the usual way of charging. 


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