Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S8 Ready to No. 1 in the World!

The world's leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, HP is likely to make its next Galaxy flagship S8 with gahar specifications. This is evidenced by some of the rumors circulating recently. In fact, not only the specification, the design was going to look luxurious.

Why Jaka so sure about this? Therefore, Samsung's own party who confirms that the Galaxy S8 will be cooler than the Galaxy Note 7 that often explode. Starting from the aspect of design to the camera, you do not need to worry because S8 ready to become number one in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S8 Ready to No. 1 in the World!

True, Vice Chairman Samsung has stated officially that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will have more advanced features and outstanding design luxury.  

This statement is written, "slick design and an improved camera", which means slick design and an improved camera.Slippery here can mean that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be wrapped in a layer of glass, like Samsung's previous flagship smartphone, but it certainly is going to be wow again. Then, the camera technology was also improved.

Just imagine, the Samsung Galaxy S7 alone is embedded cameras are cool, kept especially enhanced? If it does happen, it means Samsung Galaxy S8 be ready to make the world's number one mobile phone.As we know, the current Samsung Galaxy S8 is still rumored to specifications such as screen without bezel 4K resolution, Exynos 8895 chipset which is more powerful than the Snapdragon 830, and GPU Mali-G71. In fact, recently heard that the S8 embedded dual-camera. Wow! So, are you ready to welcome you next S8 Galaxy?