Samsung SDI Struggling to Restore Image

Samsung SDI Struggling to Restore Image

The case of the explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sporadically in some countries, be a blow to Samsung. To restore public confidence, Samsung SDI, which is the battery supplier Galaxy Note 7 are now struggling to restore the good image of Samsung.

Reporting Phone Arena, SDI become a party to blame for the case of Galaxy Note 7. Despite the fact, batteries from other suppliers are also facing the incident.SDI was trying to convince its partners, including Apple that the battery production is safe. "Since the first recall (withdrawal Galaxy Note 7), we got a lot of questions from clients, including Apple, whether the battery is being used on their products safe ?," said an employee of Samsung SDI, who requested anonymity.

In addition, Samsung also reported difficulties in obtaining new customers because of the problem. Dongbu Securities analyst, S.R. Kwon, assess, SDI will likely still be able to maintain its partners are now, but will kesulitasn to get a new one.

"It would be more influential to new customers, rather than older consumers," he said.Samsung SDI itself owned 25% market share of small device battery. On the other hand, Samsung is trying to expand into the automotive industry and other sectors. However predicted will be slow due to the case of Galaxy Note 7.

Although one SDI automotive consumers said that the case of the Galaxy Note 7 is not too impact on their work, the case it is an unpleasant thing, but the company will learn from the experience. "The battery was very different from the products we use, so the issue does not really affect us. But of course we are not happy with the incident, "said a spokesman for Samsung.