Samsung Launches 5G networks in 2018?

Recently Samsung Electronics announced that they have successfully tested a prototype 5G with the China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI). Cooperation between the two companies in developing 5G has been ongoing since become a member of China Mobile's Samsung 5G Innovation Center in June 2016 ago.

Reporting from Samsung, during trial 5G performed in Beijing, Samsung ratify two key technologies for 5G network. What are these technologies?

Samsung Successfully Test Prototype 5G

Samsung Successfully Test Prototype 5G
The first is the Spatial Modulation, a method for increasing the amount of data transfer without increasing bandwidth requirements. Both are FBMC (Filter Bank Multicarrie), this is a new way of dividing the carrier signal into different channels in the same frequency.

Both of these technologies are tested on a 3.5GHz frequency that is close to the limit of the current 4G LTE network. With high frequency, this network is not expected to have pretty good coverage, especially in rural or wilderness. But this is good enough when in urban areas.

Samsung has achieved great progress while testing 5G networks. Rumored that the 5G network technology can be used commercially in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.


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