Related to Corruption Scandal President of South Korea, Samsung Head Office Ransacked authorities

Image-Samsung Company

South Korea's state was hit by a major corruption scandal involving the figure of the President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye. And, as a result of this scandal, the South Korean authorities conducted a raid to several major corporate offices in the country. This includes the headquarters of Samsung Group.

Along with a search of Samsung Group, the authorities also do the same for the National Pension Service. A search is very surprising, especially considering the National Pension Service is the third largest pension fund company in the world with assets of more than US $ 460 billion.

Wall Street Journal wrote, searching offices Samsung with the National Pension Service has no clear link. However, different again with the words reported by Yonhap. And, it is also related to the investigation being conducted by the authorities of the scandal involving President Park with her partner, Choi Soon-Sil.

Both are currently being hit by allegations of massive scandal. Especially in using big names for the president to withdraw large sums of several leading companies in South Korea. These include Samsung, Hyundai, and LG. As a result of this scandal, President Park get various opposition and protests on a large scale. However, Park engggan resigned and chose to apologize.

Related to this shakedown, the Samsung and the National Pension Service has confirmed. Unfortunately, the two companies did not provide complete information related to the search.

Scandal involving President Park have become increasingly worsen the condition of the company Samsung. As is known, the case of the explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 resulting losses are not small.