Smart Remote: Could Advanced Remote Control All Electronic Goods

Smart Remote: Could Advanced Remote Control All Electronic Goods
One thing that is commonly used to control objects from long distance remote control.

What happens if we have a lot of things with each remote control Different? Of course it would be quite troublesome.

To overcome these problems, it's been created a smart remote control that can control a lot of things at once.

Remote named Smart Remote. The remote greatness like what? Here's his review.

Seven Hugs Smart Remote: Remote Control Can Be  Everything

Smart Remote is a new project on Kickstarter created by Sevenhugs. With this remote, the user can control a variety of electronic devices with just one remote.

Electronic devices in question include electric light, TV, DVD, speakers, thermostats, Camera, electric doors, fans, locks, electrical wiring and more.

To be able to control the electronic device, you only need to direct the Smart Remote on the device you want to control. Then it will automatically appear on the top of the selection of the Smart Remote.

Another greatness of Smart Remote is you can mengedalikan electronic device that is located in another location in your home. With the help of special equipment other course.

The price of Seven Remote Smart Remote is also quite affordable, you can have this sophisticated remote at a cost of US $ 299. Interested? You can buy it directly here: