Excited! Sony Launches Gadget Cool Edition Final Fantasy XV

Excited! Sony Launches Gadget Cool Edition Final Fantasy XV
Hello fans of Final Fantasy XV! Surely today is a happy day at all. How not, the article game that he developed over 10 years was finally released. So roughly what the hell have you prepare to celebrate the release of this game apart from buying the original game?

You need to know, before this Square-Enix has released a super car that has been dressed up in the style of Final Fantasy XV tablets. Well yesterday, just a day before the release of this game, apparently Square Enix again releasing merchandise for Final Fantasy XV, the Sony Walkman Limited Edition Final Fantasy XV.

Ideal Gadget Fans of Final Fantasy XV

Well let me not more curious, roughly like what ya gadget Sony Walkman Limited Edition Final Fantasy XV? Here's his review.
Excited! Sony Launches Gadget Cool Edition Final Fantasy XV

A Sony Walkman A-Series are dressed according to the theme of Final Fantasy XV looks very extraordinary beautiful. With the dusky silver color that characterizes the stronger Final Fantasy XV, seen in the background there is a pixelated image Noctis and his friends.

Not merely to see, apparently gadget made by Sony and Square-Enix really have the ability if the voice and specifications are very capable to spoil its user. How not, Sony has been known for many years in the development of the Walkman Series this gadget. The following table possessed the features and specifications of this gadget.

Features and Specifications           Deskripsi

S-Master HX™:Digital amplifier technology to produce sound much clearer

 DSEE HX™    :Upscaling technology for the quality of your compressed music files

 Memory          : 16GB

 Battery            :Capable of up to 30 hours for listening to songs with a very high quality and 50 hours  for listening to songs with a similar standard of quality MP3.

Well not finished up there. Apparently Sony and Square-Enix also released two accessories for this gadget, certainly with a special design in the style of Final Fantasy XV.

A headphone Hear.On MDR-100A and Bluetooth speaker SRS-HG1 Hear.Go has also been transformed into a beautiful follow the theme of Final Fantasy XV. For headphones, the design looks compact, simple, and elegant with XV logo on the side. Then for speaker looks posts Final Fantasy XV and have a shadow image of Noctis and his friends.

Both of these accessories are not only suitable to be complementary, but certainly will maximize the ability of the Walkman. Guaranteed, you'll definitely be satisfied and added that kece hear songs of the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV use this gadget.

Now what? Great is not it? But to have this gadget, you should spend a little inside. Because of this gadget will be sold in the market at a price of about 4 million rupiah for its Walkman and about 3.5 million rupiah for each accessory.

So how do the fans of Final Fantasy XV? Could afford? If it turns out funds are still lacking, mending we see the game trailer below so that more and more the spirit of saving. Final fantasy Happy day, happy gaming, and if you're no criticism or suggestions feel free to leave a comment yes. thanks.Please Share Friends.


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