Super Computer Latest HP's 8000 Times Faster than Computer Fair

Image-Super Computer

The device is not surprising that supercomputers have incredible speed. We know its use on a large scale, such as for a server, can even be used to create artificial intelligence. Speed was no doubt, because certainly supercomputers have many times the speed of the computer in general.

Well this time HP was eventually released the supercomputer at an astonishing pace. As reported from TweakTown, the supercomputer named The Machine is revised version of the prototype which HP introduced in 2014 ago.

HP said that The Machine's supercomputer 8,000 times faster than the computer in general. Feel your own gaming computer fast? With The Machine is your computer is not nothing, just a speck of dust.

With fast performance, HP supercomputer design that the device is not always rely on the use of the processor on board. HP explained that they also use photonics that also maximizes the performance of the RAM, so as to produce an incredible speed. Even the capacity installed in the Machine as much as 8TB of RAM. The capacity was 30 times greater than the ability of supercomputers in general.

HP expects that The Machine is aimed at top class companies Google or Facebook. But they explained that these super fast computer will not be released in the near future. The device reportedly Machine supercomputer is expected to be released in 2018 or 2019.


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