After the Smartphone, Tablet Now Also Not Have Bezel and Keys

After the Smartphone, Tablet Now Also Not Have Bezel and Keys-Today, the middle of the smartphone manufacturers are racing to develop new technologies that will further spoil the users. Call it, the device comes without limits screen and physical buttons. Devices with such a concept is becoming a new trend that is quite absorbing.
Use of the new display technology that has been presented in a device made from Chinese smartphone vendors, namely Xiaomi Mi Mix. This phone is really present almost no bezel. The only bezel that looks only at the bottom and looks very thin. With this new technology, Xiaomi is one step ahead. Then, how about the Samsung and Apple?

Apple are now competing with Samsung in the ownership market, seemed too keen to apply the new display technology to its products in the future. Approximately going to like what ya appearance of an Apple device if it really comes without bezel?

Unlike the previous vendor that uses the display technology on a smartphone, a company located in Cupertino was touted now preparing a home screen with no bezel and physical on his iPad products. The latest news regarding the device says that the iPad Pro will carry the latest generation screen with spans of 10.9 and a body that also has the same size as the screen.

I wonder what the advanced design of the latest iPad Pro? What is looming minds to grasp and operate the tablet without the bezel and the physical home button? Approximately will be more comfortable or even complicated yes if no buttons and the suburbs at all? It also indicates that the screen is carried by most new iPad Pro will be completely virtual.

From a number of sources say that the existence of an iPad screen without bezel Pro which was created by Apple eliminates the physical home button on its flagship tablet. To determine the sophistication of the screen of the iPad Pro, we wait for the Apple really going to release the product in question.