There are 2 Foldable Smartphone To Be Launched By Samsung

Buddy techdachs definitely still remember the news about the folding Samsung smartphone which yesterday had we preach here. The new round folding presence of smartphones made by Samsung have come back. 

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Where South Korean vendors are reportedly not only prepare one folding smartphone models alone but there are two folding smartphone models that will he launched in the next year. Obviously this is very interesting, because the folding smartphone market is still fairly sparse enough or have not been there.

Reporting from page Ponearena, Samsung is not officially explain the presence of these two smartphone models as much. But no word from ET News stating that Samsung will release two models at a time to fold her latest smartphone. 

There are 2 Foldable Smartphone To Be Launched By Samsung

There are 2 Foldable Smartphone To Be Launched By Samsung
Regardless of the truth of this rumor, if true then Samsung is considered quite bold step. Because the presence of at least a folding smartphone will become a new trend and there are probably many people who still lack confidence in the robustness or durability of the folding smartphone.

Samsung is also rumored to be implementing strategies parsed Two Track Strategy and will develop two types of foldable smartphones. For the first smartphone models will carry a dual screen that is equipped by flat screen in each respective side. 

Then the second one will bring single flexible OLED Display. For more explanation could continued my friend see in the image above.

Samsung is likely to launch a folding dual screen smartphone first. This is done by Samsung to try the market. Is the market reaction is good enough or not.  

Surely this is a step srategy fairly good and does not seem in a hurry. Reportedly folding Samsung smartphone will launch in 2017. But unfortunately we have not been able to confirm exactly when the folding smartphone will be officially released by Samsung.

Until now I still bungkau Samsung smartphone thousand related languages ​​as much. Maybe they want to concentrate better and not think about the rumors at this time.  

So that later the process of making folding smartphone can succeed and not fail like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is certain that the price of folding smartphone Samsung will be very expensive.

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